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Klikko - Geometric Construction Toy

This video shows a review of Klikko,a geometric construction toy. It shows one way to use it to teach math to kids.
Aaron Ding : Hi,this is Aaron from Daseng toys(KLIKKO) company.

Daseng is the manufacturer of diy toys ,educational toys and magic tricks.We are certificate to IS09001:2008.CE.ICTI,passed EN71.

We supply for one of the world’s largest chain toy stores “Toy Rus”and one of the world's largest chain supermarket “Walmart”.And we have our own factory.

so OEM&ODM service are available.
Look forward to your reply!
Aaron Ding : Thanks for your support!
Felix Wu : watch hugo wus klikko Im his son
Aaron Ding : https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IJ9LMD2
Сергей Быков : Спасибо за видео!!! На моем канале (плейлист "Удивительный мир конструирования") представлены различные занятия с конструктором Кликко. Приятного просмотра!!!


This is Aaron from Daseng toys company.
Daseng is the manufacturer of educational toy,diy toy and magic tricks for more than 20 years.We are certificate to IS09001:2008.CE.EN71, passed ICTI-Class A.
We supply for one of the world’s largest chain toy stores “Toy Rus”and one of the world's largest chain supermarket “Walmart” since 2007.We also have a cooperation with Aldi and Dreamworks.And we have our own factory,so OEM\u0026ODM service are available.
I upload some products videos on youtube,you can search "klikko video",especilly "klikko triangle puzzle"on youtube.
Look forward to your reply!

Klikko building toys

Best educational toys for boys and girls with brain training \u0026 development/STEM concept learning.
(shop links:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IJ9LMD2)




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