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How to Reupholster a Bench in 10 Easy Steps – IKEA Home Tour

Watch this quick DIY tutorial from the IKEA Home Tour Squad to learn how to reupholster a bench in 10 easy steps! More from IKEA Home Tour here:

1. Remove the fabric and batting from your existing base.
2. Once your base is clear, lay out your foam and use your base as a template.
3. Outline the foam with a marker and cut with a utility knife or sharp scissors.
4. Place the fabric on a flat surface, with your base as a template.
5. Wrap the fabric around the base, leaving plenty of excess.
6. Cut the fabric accordingly.
7. Place the fabric and batting on a flat surface and lay your base and foam on top.
8. Grab your staple gun and start fixing the fabric to the base, starting with the center and working your way out to the corners.
9. On the corners, start by folding over one side first and staple. Then, tuck in the excess fabric and fold the rest over so you only see one crease along the corner.
10. Cut excess fabric around the screw holes on the bottom of the base and property screw the base back to the bench.

What’s IKEA Home Tour? We’ll tell you! We’re sending a team of IKEA experts on the road to help America solve real home furnishing challenges, big and small, and transform their living spaces. The Home Tour Squad is hitting the road to assist those who need help with home projects – from closet organization to living room style upgrades to bedroom makeovers – and to illustrate genuine solutions that make everyday life at home better. The Home Tour Squad will help plan and shop at the local IKEA store to find the best smart solutions for home challenges. The homeowners and the Squad members will then accomplish the transformation together! Plus, the Squad will film their journey along the way.

The IKEA Home Tour Squad is a team of hand-selected IKEA experts from across the country. They specialize in everything from home design to organization to sustainability at home. Each Squad member comes from a different background and contributes their unique expertise to help homeowners on the tour. Their journey will be chronicled through before/after makeover videos, tour footage, and video shorts featuring design tips and interviews with homeowners. Squad members will also be sharing live updates from the tour via Twitter (@IKEAUSA) and Instagram (@IKEAUSA) with the hashtag #IKEAHomeTour.

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Kashmira Chadwal : cool DIY!!
Flu-Tang Clan : I wonder if they would do a 600sqft studio?!
Pamela Molina : You should never staple through the cotton batting. I’m an upholsterer
Doris Dybowski : why?
Doris Dybowski : I am doing a project in the near future and want to know right from wrong? I am a sewing armature but a tough one..LOL

How to Build A DIY Tufted Bench with Hidden Storage | Home Decor

Looking for home decor ideas? In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to build an elegant DIY tufted bench. WIth Legs from Osborne Wood Products, this Pottery Barn knockoff bench has hidden storage and cost less than those found in stores.

Complete plans can be found here:

Learn how to do this Crazy Easy No sew tufting technique:

#diy #woodworking #design #Tutorial #freeplans #powertools #DIYDecor #bench #DIYFurniture

Products used in this build (May contain affiliate links)
Osborne Wood Products Heritage Coffee Table Leg (18″ x 2 1⁄2″)

Ryobi Trim Router :
Ryobi Workbench Light:
Ryobi Circular saw:

Kreg Rip-Cut Aluminum Circular Saw Guide:
Kreg Right Angle Clamps:

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AMATEUR DECORATING LIKE A PRO : You are cracking me up this morning!  I love your intro.  I am thinking "Where did you get those legs?"  just when you said it. This is an awesome video. I learned a lot!  And that little guy is adorable!  Now off to the gym!  Hugs and love for a wonderful day!  Cathryn
Mother Daughter Projects DIY : Love this project! It turned out so well and you did a great job sharing each step.
S Edwards : It’s awesome! Great job! I’ve been looking for a DYI idea for the foot of my bed and I am liking your bench!
Karen Shepan : Oh.My.Gosh!!! What a gorgeous bench!! I wish I had the patience to try something like this, but woodworking just isn't my cup of tea. I would definitely buy one from you if you sold them!! You have another new subscriber! :) <3
Amanda Kaye : I love it! It’s gorgeous ❤️

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Stock footage provided by Videvo, downloaded from”
Free Stock footage by Videezy

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